There is currently no way to fix Runescape error loading configuration file

The number of wrong players is increasing. Many players around the world have encountered a trend issue in Runescape that prevents them from entering the game. Since a few days ago, this problem has plagued players. So far, more and more players have encountered the same error when loading configuration files. Over a period of time, some players managed to join the game and crossed the error message, but some other players still had the problem.

How to fix Runescape error loading configuration file?

To be honest, there is currently no official way to fix this error in Runescape. The team is trying its best to solve this problem for all players, but errors still occur. Subsequently, the developer suggested that the only way to solve this problem is to continue to try to log in continuously. In addition, unless the issue is reported to the support team so that they know the number of players facing the same issue in different regions, there is no choice.

Since the previous few days, the developers have been trying to roll out a new update for the game to solve all problems, but the update schedule or release date has not yet been determined. Please make sure to follow the errors in the news page of the game's official website or related topics on Reddit in order to get the latest update on this issue as soon as possible.

Finally, according to the support team behind Runescape, you can rest assured that your account will not be lost, and the progress and saves as well as the RuneScape gold you own will remain safe. Make sure to submit a ticket for any issues or errors other than the current "Load Configuration File" error on this page. Runescape is a free online game on PC.