Treasure hunter's key vulnerability investigation and the next step

As you may already know, a bug in the "Firework Festival" treasure hunt hunter promotion last Wednesday (January 1) has enabled some players to regain prizes indefinitely.

This bug affects players who have not participated in a previous version of this promotion that ran (no release) in January 2018. But when the authorities realised the problem, they just followed the usual upgrade procedure and deployed a patch within hours. This is what they can do.

Vulnerabilities are sometimes useful, and some players choose to abuse the bug to generate a lot of wealth. This completely violates the rules of the game, which subsequently leads to the official banning of the relevant accounts by the game without exception. And said: RuneScape does not welcome people who abuse bugs, no matter how long they play or how much they pay.

After an official investigation, it was found that the number of GP injections into the game increased during the existence of the vulnerability (approximately twice the number of vulnerabilities in a typical day). In terms of the overall gaming economy, this is not a large number, and bond prices and big exchange trading have not been adversely affected. They will continue to monitor this effect and take further steps if necessary. You need cheap Rs gold, and you can't use this loophole again.

As of the day before yesterday, 15 accounts have been permanently banned, and about 300 other accounts have been temporarily banned. In-depth investigations are now underway and other corrective measures have been taken to remove items, XP and GP obtained as a result of abuse of the bug.

Everyone can wait for the final result. If there is a problem with your account, etc., it may be temporarily banned. Please pay attention to the news on the official website.