Weapon Diversity Beta

RuneScape has a huge variety of weapons across every combat skill – from swords and axes, to staves, to swamp lizards. But isn’t it kind of weird that all of these weapons essentially behave the same?

Weapon Diversity is about fixing that weirdness, and making every weapon feel different. What if casting water spells left behind a little puddle of water? What if daggers were so sneaky they could sometimes hit twice?

We know that any big changes to RuneScape’s beloved combat system might be controversial, so that’s why we’ll be working closely with the community to develop changes that are positive for everybody.

The first step is the Weapon Diversity Beta, coming to a world near you!

How to Join the Weapon Diversity Beta

The beta will go live on June 4th, and run for a whole month.

Once the beta is live, this news post will be updated with a link you can click here, once its live sign in with your RuneScape account to start testing.

What to Expect

The beta will run for one month, and we’ll be collecting feedback and rolling out changes as we roll along. Please remember that right now nothing is set in stone – it all depends on your feedback.

In the beta, you’ll get to try out 16 different changes and their new effects:

Note: You'll be able to try out tier 92 sample versions of weapons, these have been added as a trade option on Lady Deathknell at the Combat Academy, additionally you can create your own Combat Academy instance with her, allowing you to practice on your own set of training dummies!

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