Wintumber Warm Events

At the beginning of the new year, the people of Lumbridge are reviving an ancient tradition, intended to pass the old year with a rumbling reputation and to warmly welcome the new year. It's time to fire for Wintumber Warmer!

Wintumber Warmer

Wintumber Warmer is a new attempt at past bonfire incidents. From January 2nd to January 6th, the Lumbridge Crater will be transformed with a huge bonfire, where you can sacrifice (sorry, donate) various logs to get additional Firemaking XP. When you drop the log of the bonfire, your life points will increase, and your life points will increase with your bonfire level. Warmth also attracts a lot of spirits, so if you want to hide and seek, pay attention.

Want to give your campfire a bit more energy? Talk to Victor, who is doing his best to light up the damn thing. Maybe you can help?

If you are tired of blowing smoke to your face every time the wind blows, you may want to look at other fiery activities you can try. From Poi dancing and lantern buildings to spiritual summons and fire breathing, everyone can enjoy it!

While training in the crater, you will get a few items that you can use to gain XP when participating in matching events:

Activity XP                  Boost Item                            Skill

Poi Dancing                Fire Poi                                 Agility

Fire Breathing             Fire Breathing Solution           Herblore

Lantern Building          Fire Stones                           Construction

Spirit Summoning        Fire Wood                             Summoning

The experience of the entire crater area (including bonfires) is increased by 10%. This experience gain does not apply to Poi dancing, fire breathing, lantern building, or spiritual summoning activities.

Anniversary cake

Log in now to get the anniversary cake. The cake will last until January 7th, so eat it quickly!

If you don't have enough space to store your cake when you log in, you can buy a fresh cake from the party Pete in the Falador Ballroom. Why not put some balloons on when celebrating RuneScape's 19th anniversary? Cheap OSRS gold has been waiting for you!