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Archaeology Information Overview

Mar-28-2020 PST

Archaeology will be released on March 30th, so time ’s running out to prepare! Let ’s take a look at five archeological sites to explore. Here are all the guides for your convenience: Carid Place: Near Al-Kharid In level 5 archeology, you will unlock Kharid-et, where you will study the ruins of the Zarosian fortress with the mysterious Dr. Nabanik. Source of Hell Location: North of Varrock, near Jolly Boar Inn. ...
Patch note-18 / 03-Gielinor

Mar-19-2020 PST

Looking for all the latest changes in Gielor vision and sound? You have come to the right place! This week, the game's bug fixes and fixes include the following highlights: Vulnerability Bombs will now refresh the effect timer when thrown at or near an affected NPC. Multiple changes will make the "experienced user" adventure even less. Improved quality of life: The improvement in the quality of life this week is all about m ...
Patch note 03/09 - Ninja Strike 2

Mar-13-2020 PST

Welcome to another exciting version of the patch note post! This week we made some adjustments to Solak, to Lumbridge Market, and those tricky ninjas have been dealing with troublesome interfaces. Scroll down to learn more! This week, Solak, Lumbridge Marke has made some adjustments, and some tricky ninja interface issues have made some progress. Let's take a look together! Ninja Strike 2 This week, we can see a lot of changes to ...