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Mahjarrat Aura - Update!

Jun-19-2019 PST

You've been asking for it - through social media and, of course, memes - and we're finally making it happen. We're happy to confirm that from July 29th the Mahjarrat Aura will be obtainable by all players (yes, even Ironmen!). Great! How do I get it? Players will be able to grab the Mahjarrat Aura for 1,000 Reaper points, which we think reflects the fact it's a best-in-slot aura for a lot of PvM activity. NOTE: Obtaining the Mahjarra ...
RuneFest 2019 - Tickets are now available!

Jun-13-2019 PST

It starts with! Tickets for RuneFest 2019 are now available for sale. Go to the official ticketing website now and get a limited number of Earlybird tickets and enter the world's best RuneScape celebration at a low price. Here are some of the things you've come to expect from our largest RuneScape celebration. Friday, October 4 - Golden Gnome Award (18:00-23:30) The Golden Gnome Awards have returned, this time they are bigger and bet ...
Weapon Diversity Beta

Jun-10-2019 PST

RuneScape has a huge variety of weapons across every combat skill – from swords and axes, to staves, to swamp lizards. But isn’t it kind of weird that all of these weapons essentially behave the same? Weapon Diversity is about fixing that weirdness, and making every weapon feel different. What if casting water spells left behind a little puddle of water? What if daggers were so sneaky they could sometimes hit twice? We know that any ...