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Free cooking training

Aug-14-2019 PST

This article is about fishing training guides. Fishing training This route is suitable for players who are willing to train with fishing. Level 1 Crayfish and shrimp can be caught without any requirement. Crayfish can be caught faster, even though they produce 30 experiences each time they cook successfully. Cooked crayfish and shrimp don't sell much in the Grand Exchange, so they can only be used for food. The best place for n ...
Spectacular summer tips!

Aug-02-2019 PST

What, excited people? This week there is a veritable Morrisane cave filled with exciting updates, from the announced weapons diversity and the trailer of the bank beta to the long-awaited return of Mahjarrat Aura. In addition, there are some sinister things in the Lumbridge crater - hey, I mean, some spectacular things! Of course, cheap rs gold is indispensable. Spectacular summer tips It's summer, it's spectacular, so let's need to have ...
RuneFest Theme Revealed!

Jul-26-2019 PST

According to rs official: RuneFest 2019 will be a blast from the very distant past as visitors take a dangerous journey into the Land Out of Time. Expect dinosaurs! And carnivorous player-eating plants! And an extinction event! Actually no, wait, not that last one… but the player-eating plants for sure. As you’re traveling around a real-life slice of the island you can look forward to hands-on time with new content, talks and meetup ...