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Simplified Design Is Coming

May-17-2019 PST

Over time, RS have received various points of feedback regarding the complexity of the pitched design, and how players perceived the complexity.This design is a much more cut-down version of the previous iteration, but still tackles all of the major points of feedback regarding comp. The “Reaper Crew” achievement will be removed as a requirement from the comp cape. Reaper has caused issues ever since its introduction, years after comp was ...
RS is fun because able-bodied aboriginal o ...

Nov-26-2017 PST

Set top and harder goals to accomplish (like completionist cape in eoc). But for 07 scape, getting a top akin amateur with the best gear, weapons, and with a lot of money, it is just alarming to restart. To re-live the old canicule if I aboriginal started, on a beginning annual with no stats items or money. It is simple to do being but the accomplishment systems are all intricate. If you do accomplishment as you charge them for quests you feel ...
It's absolutely extraordinary to Sellrsgold

Sep-27-2017 PST

I'm animated I'm not the alone one who thinks so. It's absolutely extraordinary to me how such an insane, optimized in-browser Java applet on this calibration existed at the time. I wouldn't apperceive area to alpha if I were to try and charm annihilation similar. Originally, yes. However, RuneScape 3 is no best Java. They switched to RuneScape Gold a absolutely C++ desktop applicant about forth the line. I'm not abiding if OldSchool RuneScape ...