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Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

A number of slippery ice patches have been spotted in Gielinor, and there is growing concern that someone, or something, is trying to ruin everybody’s Christmas. With so much ice around, the safety of the inhabitants of RuneScape is at stake, and as if that wasn’t enough, disappointed children have been reporting a lack of presents in their stockings! According to imp emissaries from the Land of Snow, the problem originated in their homeland…those of you who remember the result of your Guaranteed Content Christmas poll may have an idea of what lies at the centre of the mystery!

Meanwhile, in Lumbridge, Explorer Jack has heard tales from a chatty snow imp of mythical riches in the Land of Snow. Of course, he leaves the adventuring to younger explorers these days, but he could be talked into rewarding someone willing to fetch these riches for him. In Myths of the White Lands, you will discover what lies at the heart of snow imp lore, and the creatures that accompany it. You will need ingenuity, skill and quick reflexes to succeed in this particularly puzzling quest, which more experienced players may find contains a few extra rewards.

Myths of the White Lands will be available to all players for two weeks, after which it will be available only to members. The Christmas event will be available to all players for two weeks only.

This is the first quest (and event) I have written, and it’s exciting to finally have something I made released. I really hope that you like them both, and that you have at least as much fun playing them as I had writing them. Merry Christmas, everybody!


Mod Maylea

RuneScape Content Developer


Where to start the Christmas event:

Speak to one of the snow imps north of Lumbridge, Rimmington or Falador
Requirements: None

Where to start Myths of the White Lands:

Talk to Explorer Jack in Lumbridge
Requirements: None