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Dev Blogs About Activity Pets: Design Chan ...

Nov-21-2019 PST

This week, Dev Blogs updated their updates on pet activities. And there will be a pet design competition. About the competition Dev mentioned that they will choose the final winner based on their creativity and send out a six-month free RuneScape membership. You can make the most of your imagination of the four pets, then explain their thoughts and understanding of the pets and submit their designs. You can participate by email, Twitter, ...
Patch Description -11/11

Nov-15-2019 PST

This week's patch description is here! General Now, if you destroy the pink and rainbow unicorn plush toys, you can recycle them from Diango. Now, if no path is selected and the activity tracker is empty, disabling the guidance system prompt (optional interface in Game Settings -> General -> Settings) will prevent automatic selection of the next available achievement in the path. If your base camp warehouse maximizes ...
News Post: Patch Week 4th of November

Nov-08-2019 PST

News Post: Patch Week 4th of November    Livestream to Discuss MTX    Activity Pets Poll    Twitch Prime Membership    Patch Notes    LootScape In this patch week, we have to remember November 5, because RS will solve one of the biggest problems facing the game in a special live broadcast. There are also reminders about "active pet voting" and this month's Twitch Prime reward! ...