Archaeology Information Overview

Archaeology will be released on March 30th, so time ’s running out to prepare! Let ’s take a look at five archeological sites to explore. Here are all the guides for your convenience:


Place: Near Al-Kharid

In level 5 archeology, you will unlock Kharid-et, where you will study the ruins of the Zarosian fortress with the mysterious Dr. Nabanik.

Source of Hell

Location: North of Varrock, near Jolly Boar Inn.

At level 20, you will begin investigating the basement of Jolly Boar Inn, where Zamorakian worshippers once tried to open the door to Infernus. The manager responsible for this pit is Movario.


Location: Southeast Moritania.

At level 42, you will be asked to help Vanescula Drakan turn off Everlight, an ancient Icyene lighthouse that is starting to glow again.

Storm Guard Castle

Location: The Temple of Ikov, located north of East Ardugne and south of the Ranging Guild.

At level 70, you will fly into the sky to the floating Armadylean Lab Stormguard Citadel. But you will not be alone-Golem Master Jika will keep watching you.


Location: west of Oo’glog

At level 76, you will work with an old friend to unravel Warforge, Bandos' long-lost training ground! Bloody history.


The gathered part of this skill is called mining. With a trusted wild duck, you will dig at specific locations indicated by the time elves and discover all kinds of interesting objects! In addition to precious margarine and butter products, you will also find materials that can be used to repair them.

Excavation is dirty work, so there is no doubt that in addition to discovering, you will fill your inventory with soil. Take it back to the Archeological Guild's projection station and you'll win another roll at the loot table.Of course cheap RuneScape gold you can get now!


Relic Power

Artifacts are one of the main rewards of archeology. Once restored, these ancient objects can give users incredible powers. You can have up to three relic abilities at a time.

To activate the artifacts, you need to enter Stonehenge of the Archaeological Association. Once there, you can pay a certain amount of Chronotes and spend some of the relic energy to activate the relic. After that, the effect will continue until you choose to disable it again.

Ancient Call

After a full tour of the Source of Hell mining site, you will be able to use ancient summons to bind demons to your will. In addition to a wealth of archeological knowledge and a knack for solving puzzles, you need 45 Summoning and Slayers to get started with this exceptionally good training method.

Ancient invention

With the blueprints found in the ruins of Stormguard Citadel, you can revitalize a highly specialized branch of invention skills. You will use ancient gadgets, perks, and equipment to enhance your abilities in all areas of the game.

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