Celestial Lanterns

From dusk ‘til dawn, it’s time to reach for the stars. Celestial Lanterns is a new Treasure Hunter event that offers heavenly XP returns for either your 5 highest or 5 lowest skills.

While both Dusk and Dawn Lanterns will offer direct XP and bonus XP for any skill, apply a Dusk Lantern to one of your 5 highest skills and enjoy a dazzling solar explosion of additional XP. Dawn Lanterns do the same, but for one of your 5 lowest skills.

Plus, to make these Lanterns more convenient, we’ve also added the ability for players to switch any they receive from Dusk to Dawn (or vice versa). Simply right-click on a Lantern in your inventory - you can then choose to convert it or to convert all the Lanterns you own.

Celestial Lanterns ran from July 11th to July 15th.

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