Free cooking training

This article is about fishing training guides.

Fishing training

This route is suitable for players who are willing to train with fishing.

Level 1

Crayfish and shrimp can be caught without any requirement. Crayfish can be caught faster, even though they produce 30 experiences each time they cook successfully. Cooked crayfish and shrimp don't sell much in the Grand Exchange, so they can only be used for food. The best place for net shrimp is Draynor, the best place to cage crayfish is the river behind the Lumbridge church.

Level 15

If you have 20 levels of fishing, the squid can be caught at Gunnarsgrunn or Lumbridge. Squid is very convenient and everyone has 70 experiences. Electric cookers can even extract raw squid from the hands of electric fishermen and cook. If you go to Gunnarsgrunn in the world 3, or in a populous world, people will usually be given free raw squid and squid.

Level 30

At Musa Point in Kalami, you can capture tuna by capturing them in a 35-level fishing. Despite the slow capture speed, tuna produces 100 experiences per cooking. Raw tuna from powerfishers can be used for cooking. If the player decides to use this method to train cooking, then you should choose a very busy world.

Level 40

Lobsters can catch 40 fishing at the Musa point in Karamja. Lobsters produce 120 experiences each time. Cooking and catching speeds are comparable to the harpoon. Few lobsters from powerfishers fall, so fishing is better.

Level 50

Swordfish can capture 50 levels of fishing at Musa Point in Kalamia. Swordfish produces 140 experiences per cooking. Using the swordfish gloves from the Guthix fist campaign, players gain double the experience of capturing swordfish. Do you want rs gold? However, swordfish capture speed is the slowest of all fish, as tuna is also captured during capture. In addition, a higher cooking level should be achieved before starting to cook the swordfish because of the high rate of burning.

In the past, it was common practice to cook cooked food. However, this is less common because raw food is more expensive. Cheap RuneScape gold may be able to help you.