Free melee training notes

General training notes

Players are strongly encouraged to use the best equipment at their level. For example, if your attack level reaches 40 during training, then buying a firm weapon immediately is worth going to GE.

Try to match your attack style to the monster's weaknesses to get the most damage, so reach / hour; players who use broken weapons to attack a weakly slashed monster will train slower than those who use a reduced weapon attack.

The revolutionary combat mode is highly recommended.

Depending on the monster's combat level and statistics, food may be needed.

Try to fight low-defense monsters. A lower defense means that the monster is more likely to be hit, so it takes less time in the battle and therefore provides more experience.

It is recommended that you carry the item or send the rune (if your level of magic is high enough) just in case. (You can use a magnet network instead of a less dangerous one.)

When fighting offensive monsters, turn on Auto Retaliation for an easier training experience.

Training in the wilderness can be said to be more interesting due to the threat of player killers, but it is inherently risky. Most of the monsters found in the wilderness have better choices in non-wild areas. People should understand the risks and strategies to reduce these risks; it is vital not to carry the wealth you are not willing to lose.

Use attack, strength and defensive potions during training to increase exp / hour and extend travel time. No potion can achieve 100% hit accuracy, and if so, the attack potion is no longer useful (unless the enemy can expel the attack). RuneScape gold is a good choice for preparing enough potions.

Two ultimate capabilities can be chosen. Rejuvenation reduces the need for food, but it needs to be continuously monitored in the game, and players must be equipped with shields. Overpower can make accurate hits in case of high damage.

Some players have developed a way to equip two-handed swords and shields, benefiting from increased attack power and without losing resilience. The players completed a battle full of adrenaline, replaced the shield and immediately lined up for Rejuvenate. The downside is that they can't attack within 10 seconds of the revival, because most monsters are not aggressive, which is not important.

It is recommended to train monsters that are not sensitive to melee attacks. This is usually more effective than fighting monsters that are weak to magic or monsters that fight magic.