My oldest memory of runescape

My oldest memory of runescape goes back to RuneScape Gold sixth grade. My

best friend made a set of full bronze armor, and an iron long sword.I thought

I was so badass that I tried to fight one of those dwarves that exists between

Falador and the Barbarian Village, and I got absolutely destroyed and lost all the

armor and 500 gp.One of my fondest memories was being a new member back

in '07 and playing Castle Wars as much as possible.

Used to be so much fun because people actually played the game instead of

AFKing. I got my ass handed to me a number of times because I was pretty low

combat level, but I kept coming back for more!I've been on r/runescape for a while.

Ever since I started using it, I've found that it's a great go-to place for community help,

casual entertainment and general discussion about that game we all love to play.

It's awesome how it can really bring a community together and people with a

common interest can discuss the same thing they all enjoy.This isn't really a

specific memory, but I believe that the whole sub in general has been great

so far. 50K subscribers is great and I definitely look forward to seeing what happens