Old School RuneScape has a ton of fixes for the next update

The Old School RuneScape update for Nex: the Fifth General was delivered yesterday and promptly, the local area began giving input and reports about a few significant bugs for the prison. Today, the group has given a few hotfixes, portrayed an extra fix coming, and reacted to criticism.

The arrival of Nex was at first turned out badly when the group began getting reports that Nex was invulnerable to harm in specific periods of battle. At the point when your manager can't be assaulted or brought down, obviously that won't work for a prison. They fixed it rapidly and presently you can bring her down without issue.

Two distinct issues with drops have additionally been fixed. One was an overall missing drops bug and the other occurred in an exceptionally huge gathering. Both of these have been tended to. On account of the enormous gathering issue, max limit has been diminished from 80 to 60 since this was a memory issue on an old form. In the event that memory limit is arrived at the game will begin to erase things assuming there are an excessive number of them on a similar tile.

The game will erase lower esteem things first, involving the Grand Exchange as marker, however a couple of changes like inventory drop amount decrease and the limit change should help. The people who take her on in huge gatherings will in any case have a similar shot at uniques however generally number will be more modest. Among different changes were acclimations to make Nex more testing in those exceptionally enormous gatherings. The 60-man cap should help, yet her assaults were additionally changed a little.

One fix that didn't make it in yet is that the Nex pet wasn't added to the all pets assortment, however this will be fixed in the following week's update.

Beside simply the series of fixes, there was likewise some player input and a solicitation to have the option to take on Nex in private cases. This is the sort of thing they're paying attention to and will consider moving into a criticism change.Want to know more about RuneScape, and buy OSRS gold quickly and safely, all at sellrsgold.