Patch Description -23/09

Hello everyone, this is part of this week's patch!


When the elite task “This is easy” is completed, an achievement completion prompt will now appear. That's cool.

Removed the error in the Take a Bow achievement in the New Explorer path pointing to Lowe's Archery Emporium and renamed the achievement to Triple Bowline to resolve the duplicate achievement name.

The “Do not bury this achievement” in the Lumbridge Explorer path no longer indicates the number of coins purchased for the iron ax (because this varies with the GE value). Don't be afraid of not having rs gold.

Now, when reading a journal in any order, Master Quest Cape's achievement "some Old Dusty Journals" will trigger correctly.


Ushabti can now show the correct soul captured while killing the little scarab.

Now, when you log out and then return to the game, the Pray Filter remains active.

Updated inspection information for Mahjarrat aura to better reflect its effects.

The rabbit in Burthorpe no longer loses its bones (so the "Pray" path is not opened in the first Burthorpe path; the concept of the selection path was introduced earlier than the new player).


The lambs at Farmer's Fred Farm were updated to use the newer lamb models, including the notorious "black sheep of the family."

The Burthorpe clan flag station is now doing something interesting, not without interesting things.

Chickens at Falador Farm, Miscellania and Etcetera have been updated graphically.

According to the needs of the public, the image of Tarfley was rotated.

The totem base is now properly placed in your list slot.

Corrected some seed icons and added them to the player's slot.

When you click and drag, the scroll bar is no longer out of sync with the cursor.

The fire that occurred on Tutorial Island was graphically updated to match the fire model now created using Firemaking technology.

Some actionable items are now hidden during woodcut or mining animations.

Using a rover as a replacement for a war turtle, summoning no longer causes the rover's body to stretch and deform.


Solved the problem of worms in large hunters that caused the "failure" of killing.

The agricultural counselor at Taverley Potato Field will now respond to attempts to water the potato field with a watering can on the tool belt.

The text highlighting of the keywords in the desktop NPC chat has changed from gold on Tutorial Island to dark blue because it is sharper on a lighter parchment background.

Now, when you log out and log back in, the one-click game remains enabled.

Information about launching fast prayers in EoC mode has been updated. Join the prayers!

Corrected the canopy near the Hunter tutor in southern Burthorpe, and the canopy was not removed when the tree was cut down.

If it was previously destroyed, it is now possible to drop the Fragments of the Dragis Mask from the catacomb creature, allowing the player who needs to fall to regain the quest of the Master's quest.

Solved the problem of rolling the base camp upgrade project to the already acquired project and then failing - now, if you place the drop table, you will be able to get the base camp upgrade more consistently.

If the last compost produces additional compost, you will no longer stop collecting compost.

Now, if it is more than 60 minutes, the base camp hot spring will show the correct duration. Note: The buff icon will still show 1h, and there will be an update in the future. This update will show you how many minutes left for this effect.

Now, if your health exceeds the maximum life point, the T2 Player Cabin upgrade will continue to restore the Prayer and Summon points.

Now you can use the "made leather" moon spelling correctly on the dinosaur skin. Is that just as fascinating as the cheap old school runescape gold?

If you receive an extended bonus from Hunter's Cabin level 2 or higher, the color of the ring in the large game hunter will now change more evenly, indicating the distance you are captured. It is a good thing for players who have a bad sense of space.

There are many more updates.