Patch note-24 / 02-Skill Necklace

Who doesn't like QoL's changing list? From more convenient transfers to the improved invention of the Make-X interface, everyone here has something. We will detail the shadow team behind these changes, but they disappeared into a dark cloud before asking their names.

Skill Necklace has been updated and can be teleported to inventions, runes making, and agricultural guilds.

"You've been poisoned!" You can now filter in chat boxes the messages displayed when fighting Gregorovic in God Wars Dungeon 2.

"Continuous attacks by Helwyr have caused you to lose more blood!" Messages displayed when fighting Helwyr in God Wars Dungeon 2 can now be filtered in chat boxes.

The Collect All button on the collection box interface has been switched to a position that matches the order of the buttons on the Grand Exchange interface.

Ancient Seeds have been added to the Herber Werby Reward Store. When planting with the "List" option, Ancient Seeds will teleport you to the eccentric Herbie Verbier.

If you have a reputation among other factions, the Faction Seal in God of War Dungeon 2 will no longer fall on the leader. For example, if you have the most Seren, Sliske, and Zamorak Rep, Vindicta will no longer drop seals.

Apoterrasaurs now follow the correct layer order in the animal breeding log.

Some TLCs have been provided for the invented Make-X interface:

Projects are now categorized according to their function, such as "Core Invention Project" and "Combat Support". It can be accessed through the drop-down menu on the interface.

All projects are now sorted by invention level, except for the "core invention project" category. This is an exception to ensure that similar types of items are next to each other on the list without losing their familiarity.

Enhanced combat equipment has also been reordered, starting with the bodywork and then with the legs. It is also sorted by layers.

The Altar of the Tower of Life can now unlabeled the first component of the biological recipe by using the item noted on the altar, or by right-clicking / long-pressing the altar. This will uncomment one item at a time, and will not be used with the swordsman altar, as the swordsman will not drop obvious raw swordfish.

Buy 1, 5, 10, All and X options have been added to Angof's Crystal Armor Shop on Tarddiad.

RuneScape has become happier and more inclusive. I might just buy cheap OSRS gold, RuneScape gold and buy rs3 gold.

The word "gypsy" has been removed from Aris's name and the text has been checked, as the word may be interpreted as racial discrimination.

Karamja's various NPCs were given more appropriate titles.

The names of individual NPCs in the Kharidian Desert have changed from "Ali" to better reflect the variety of names we see in real life.

Changed some dialogues in the Spirited Away mission to eliminate unexpected offenses.


Improved farmer's hats and harvest amulets now turn green when seeds are saved during sowing.

Improved visibility of messages generated for users when interacting with the Slayer Rewards store on mobile devices.

The Beast of Burden inventory icon has been updated to use around slot that matches the main backpack inventory.

Fixed typo in the "treasure hunter" pop-up window on the phone.

Fixed an issue that prevented mobile scrolling when browsing invention blueprints on the discovery site of the workbench.

Addressed an issue that prevented new users on mobile clients from quickly displaying the member ’s Founder Pack interface.

The bank placement indicator should now appear on the mobile device.

Removed PC terminology from lodestone transfer interface on mobile devices.