RuneScape will hold a party in 2021 to celebrate its 20th anniversary

RuneScape will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2021, and Jagex will begin to sort out the activities we hope to look forward to in the coming months. The official RuneScape account on Twitter told players that they were "invited to the RS20 grand party" on January 4.

Nothing else was mentioned, but when the last day is over, you can expect a lot of new content and RS gold rewards. Five years ago, when the game started at 3 pm, Jagex did his best to celebrate. The main event is near Falador, and you will get an anniversary party box, providing you with medium XP lights and medium XP XP award stars. There are also 15 statues scattered on Gielinor-the presence of RuneScape every year-granting special dances, expressions and other unique items.

Players are even seen as a special balloon drop every 30 minutes. When you pop these balloons, you will get a variety of items, from bonus XP stars and small XP lights to party hat fragments and thousands of coins . Pop enough of them and you will get a 15th anniversary coat and anniversary balloons.

The 20-year MMORPG operation has been very successful, and we are very happy to see the next stage of the game. Both Old School RuneScape and RuneScape are constantly evolving, with new activities, skills and bosses. In fact, Old School RuneScape may be more popular today than at any time in its long history.

RuneScape's grand party started on January 4th and celebrated the 20th anniversary of the click action.