Summer Escape: Anachronia

This is the fourth and last summer! This week, a proper island holiday is taking place to Land Out of Time, Anachronia! However, you may want to change these swimming shorts into spears. Here is the gain effect:

50% of hunting on the island, the extra hunter mark will drop

Herby Werby adds 50% XP

10% increased the chances of receiving codex pages while browsing agile courses

10% increase in Agility XP from Anachronia course

0% have the opportunity to encounter obstacles in the agile course

Hunter XP increased by 10% when participating in Big Game Hunter

Increased drop rate of rare items on Slayer creatures on 10% Anachronia

Rs gold

Keep an eye on those lodestones as you travel around Anachronia. Once per hour, some lodestones receive balloons containing Silverhawk feathers, summer snacks, and more.

Don't forget that from 12:00 on Friday to 11:59 on Monday, the following promotions will also take effect:

Provide a free clue every day

Double skill equipment

Double Menaphos representative

Double tale

Double killer

Semi-boss instance cost

The opportunity to be a mysterious box when skill/killing

If this is not your business, you will find a variety of gains on the player's own farm:

10% increase in the chance of breeding animals

The chance of shining animals increases by 5%

Feeding increases happiness and health by 10%

Harvesting the double production of animals

10% more beans sold

10% increase the drop rate of animals in combat

Honeycombs use 50% more on animals

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