Teleport lodestones accept a agnate issue

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Serious allocution for a second: While Elf City and lodestones are acutely

useful, I anticipate both of them accept fundamentally afflicted the game, and

not necessarily for the bigger (at atomic not entirely).

The affluence of assertive Priff training methods agency that a lot of

addition agreeable becomes asleep or at atomic discouraged. Why do any added

activity course added than the RuneScape Gold unfailable Hefin one? Why bother with

backbreaking alfresco pickpocketing or beam crumb branch or pyramid boodle if

elf pickpocketing is SO abundant easier? Even for added contempo agreeable like


why bother authoritative a book switcher if it's atomic to bandy spells and

prayers in Priff, abnormally back you can teleport abutting by? Lodestones and

even the adequately bargain quick teleport lodestones accept a agnate issue, in

that there is far beneath acumen to run or use a fair amount of abracadabra

teleport spells if lodestones are "good enough" in abounding situations.

Having played over abounding years and seen abounding iterations of the game,

both lodestones and Elf City accomplish the apple feel abundant abate than it

absolutely as. As abundant as I ability still acknowledge some automated

appearance anyways, I anticipate it doesn't happen after accident something in

the gameplay.