This year marks the 20th anniversary of Runescape

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Runescape, and Jagex promised to hold special events in 2021. Today, celebrate the start of the Celebration of Combat event, which will provide you with a powerful RuneScape gold bonus to ensure your safety during Gielinor.

The biggest benefit of this week is the elimination of death costs, making difficult content and tasks more accessible. If you lose in the battle, then you will not lose anything, so you may wish to solve some of the advanced tasks that you have been raising. This is a complete list of combat-based buffs: reducing the chance of rare drops. The chance of getting the best loot from the rare drop table is greater. Slayer XP on all missions increased by 50%. There are no death expenses.

Runescape adds a golem to the game. "If you "nod to him to say hello"," she can offer an hour of Elder Overload buff. In addition, Lumbridge Crater has made another facelift, which includes the Anniversary Portal, which can take you directly to War's Retreat and the Golem Target Dummy that helps in combat. Jagex said: "Interaction with everyone will pay off, so please check throughout the week."

The wise old man is still lingering, so the swing is secured by the volcano. Picking up your 20th anniversary cap and equipment is free. If you haven't finished "The Knight Before Christmas Ya Niu Track", there are still a few weeks to complete and get exclusive equipment. The event and all holiday-themed rewards will disappear on January 24.

RuneScape will have a good start in 2021, and a lot of content will appear in the next few months. Old School RuneScape even launched the nostalgic mission line and the iconic "Soul Fight" mini-game, also ushering in its 20th anniversary.